..without getting specs like fretboard radius or fretwire sizes or width of nut and stuff like that? They don't list stuff like that. I've read threads that asked stuff like whether to buy a gibson lp or an ibanez rg? Those two guitar are entirely different and we are uninformed of stuff like that.

I found out the hard way when I bought the agile lp. The neck's too narrow, fretwires too big and the fretboard's too flat. This damn thing is fatiguing my hands. That means it's not going to be for everybody. I got a twisted neck and I think I did it.

This is my way of saying heads up and because the guys recommends a guitar (in good faith) it may not be for you. From what I went through I found I need a 1 11/16" at the nut, 10" radius fretboard and low profile fretwires. I need a strat, that's what it is so I'm having one custom made at carvin.

Do some researches guys before laying down the bills on the table.
That's right and I made a mistake buying one on line. I'm going to make that mistake again but it'll be a customized mistake.
Aye, it's silly to buy without playing. And usually you can read reviews and the like. Do research, you'll soon find the specs.
Two of my guitars were ordered online without playing them before. But I read a lot of reviews and I'm happy with them.
Most of the time, especially on the company websites, they give u specs for it. ondo Music is pretty good at specs normally.
Play before you buy. Sometimes the specs can look ideal on paper and then when you get hold of the guitar it doesn't play like you thought. The feel of a neck is a real subjective and personal thing. I would listen to some recommendations but I wouldn't buy one on recommedations and specs alone. There are some exceptions for me (such as Carvin) but only because I am very familiar with their products.
I did a lot of researches and you wouldn't believe how much info I can't find about the guitars.

You need to play what ever type or brand of guitar you like and try and play it thru an amp like the one you own. I have guitars that I hear a lot of bad reveiws about but I like them. I played them and they sounded and felt good to me. It's funny because a lot of the cheaper guitars I have tried I liked better than more expensive ones.

Research does go a long way in making the right choice, especially if the guitar you want just isn't available locally. I've done pretty well with online choices, but I could have just as easily screwed up.
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