Lol yeah. One of those awesome, yet ****ty generic sci-fi films from the late 90s - early 00s, where the kind of special effects we have today were only getting started. Definitely not a bad film, just one of the last of the old skool type of sci fi film there used to be. So it seems dated despite being fairly modern.

Go watch it. It's not exactly deep and moving, but it's worth a look if you find the DVD cheap.
Its a pretty decent film. I enjoyed watching it and everytime i see it on sky i watch it again, as it isnt on that often.
yea i thought it as pretty cool and ive been waiting for it to be on sci fi channel but i havent seen it it in a really long time
yeah i got the dvd, its pretty good

the soundtrack is really good, one of the special features is a look in the studio which was pretty cool

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i saw it awhile ago (when it first came out on DVD) and i was like 9 years old. i remember it being really gory and scary at some parts. but again, i was 9 years old soooo...
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And secondly, Ghost of Mars is a unique film... in that it's probably the only film Natasha Henstridge has done where she doesn't get her baps out.

Are you insinuating the lack of baps is a good thing?
lol. Ghosts of Mars is an interesting film...
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