I live in Ontario and take my G2 test on Wednesday, and plan to take it on a standard. Are there any rules specific to driving a standard that you have to do? like i heard you cant change gears in an intersection :S i dunno if its true but any tips would help.
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good to know what your going to have to do for the test.....
and i believe you might want to take a driving course so your better prepared
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**** i meant g2 my bad im a good driver but im just wondering about rules for driving a standard.
I took my test on a standard. Do not shift when turning, do not shift it into neutral, except when starting it of course, and be sure the E-brake is on when the car is parked. I'm sure theres more, I'll just post em later if I remember em. Good luck!
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I also live in Ontario and did my road test last Friday (I passed!!)
some rules (that haven't been mentioned) are that you can't roll back more than a certain amount (like six inches or something, I don't know) and they mark you on proper use of clutch.

P.S. I did mine in an automatic, and if you can I reccomend you do to, but it's your choice.