Hi UG,

I just bought a second hand Japanese Fender '62 reissue stratocaster. I just love it but there is a small problem. The upper E string is tuned correctly but when i play for example the first A on the 5th fret it sounds (and it is) way out of tune. I already have changed strings and it didn't changed muched. i setup the intonation again, didn't do much either. The action is normal. There is also a buzz when i fret the string. I don't have the money for guitar shop cause all my money whent to this guitar. My guitar shops asks about 50 euros for guitarsetup, i just hope i can do it for myself, i hope someone can help me...

thx in advance
sounds like a fret problem the fret might be pushed in a bit and thats alot of $$$ to fix i think
I think you did not set up the intonation right. That or the fret is messed, how is the G or B?
yeah, take it to a luthier and have them set it up for you
All the notes are out off tune, but i don't really have money because it all went in the guitar.
But when it would be fretproblem, shouldn't the other strings have it too? And i actually can't get the intonation perfect, but it's also hard to tune the string. It won't stay in tune long.
Looks to me like your neck is out of alignment. You may be able to adjust this yourself my loosening the neck screws and moving the neck.
Looks like the string is to close to the edge. Could be the neck like cjrocker said. But looks pretty even in the pic. Could be the nut somebody before you didnt cut it right. There are some frets that will wear out faster than others from getting more use. If you have to push to hard in that spot it will go out of tune a little. But since you say you spent all your dough on the guitar, not gonna be to easy to fix for free.
Looks like you have the action pretty low (not a bad thing) but you may try it raised a little. Its sounding like a truss rod adjustment, high fret or counterwarp. Just make it as playable as possible and get the setup.
is the bridge level?

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