This is out of shear curiousity of what other musicians do when this happens or if there is any fixes for it.
check if ur strapping it right or get strap locks i hate when that **** happens i have to have quick reflexes to catch it from falling
I use threaded inserts and add washers (acts like strap locks). This also makes your axe bullet-proof at the attach points because of the threaded inserts. If you really want to make sure it never comes out, use Locktite 232 on the screws before installing them.

Consider yourself lucky.

My strap actually ripped one of my pegs out, so I can't use it anymore.
^ Then you must've has a POS guitar, or a defective one.

TS - Strap lock'll sort you out.
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I asked out of research to see if my new modification piece idea even existed...no one said anything like it so...thanx