i wanted some advice on amps whats better the marshal 15dfx or the line 6 spider III 15 watt ?
neither, they're both horrible.

get a Roland Micro Cube or a Vox AD15
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this is barely a question. only an idiot would buy a zune.
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neither, they're both horrible.

get a Roland Micro Cube or a Vox AD15

+1, look at other options
I recommend you try asking in the Guitar Gear and Accessories forum: they're very knowledgeable when it comes to amps, and should be able to help you pick an amp to suit your playing. On a side note, the vast majority of people will tell you that neither the Line6 Spiders nor the Marshall MGs are good amps, and will provide you with many more options in the same price range that will sound a lot better.

Also, if you ask there, remmeber to include things like your music/playing preference and your price range, as well as whether you will be using your amp to play gigs or just bedroom practice.
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i reccomend a laney instead.a hardcore max is around the same price and about 10 times better

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ask the gear and accessories forum, they're great about this advice. i for one, didn't go there, check out my gear now .