Liisten to our song called Velocity at www.myspace.com/hasket

I don't know how to classify our style.

Its influenced by hardcore, indie, pop punk and progressive music.

You may get the chorus stuck in your head.

Tell me what you think, im extremely proud of it.
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you guys played with these silhouettes thats awesome. You guys are really good.

we've had the opprunity to play with them a couple times lately, they are amazing guys. They are headed for big things.
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wow thats really good. how old are you guys?

I'm 16, I play guitar/keys and write most of the music.
Our singer and bassist, he is 15.
Our rhythm guitarist is 15.
Our current drummer is 17, although the one you hear in the recording is 14, but things didnt work out with him and we needed someone more serious with better equipment.
We recorded with a guy about 40 minutes away from us.
He has a basement studio with pretty dece' specs.
He was running Pro Tools M-Powered with a MAudio Octance Preamp and Maudio lightpipe Firewire interface. In addition he used a bunch of compressors and signal enhancement units.
He charged us $150 per song.
Thanks a lot man. I think everyone will enjoy our new songs we are writing.
Just as a question, does anyone have any ideas as to what bands we sound like?!
For the sake of like telling people that ask, we get asked that a lot from people who haven't heard us yet.
And also, I'm not really sure how to classify our genre, any ideas would be helpful, cause it's hard to judge yourself and your band.