Ok so I was recently told about USB condensor mikes, but i'm not completly sure if I want to buy one yet, has anyone got one or used one ?

Are they worth buying ?

Also can anyone reccomend me one around 40 - 50 pounds (100$)
Ive never used one but I would never buy one for my studio..
just seems like a joke to me.

the MXL 990 and 991 pack can be had for around $100 and you can normally find that deal at the same price with an included preamp.

BTW, what is it you are recording and what setting will the mics be used in?
for micing amps I suggest a Shure SM57 which is a great mic for just about any use in the studio and sounds great IMO.

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I'm buying the mike for singing, acoustic and recording my band, I know that one mike isn't going to do all that but atm I am recording my band with a headset I bought from Pcworld lol, it can't handle the low frequancies of the bass and low strings of the guitar.

I have no knowledge on all this stuff so I can't really tell you what settings I want, btw is a preamp just an external soundcard ? or to use it in my PC would i need the mike a preamp and an external soundcard ?

The reason i'm getting a usb condensor is because someone said you don't need a preamp because you can do it all on the PC.


I just been looking on the net and I found this one
it's cheap and I can afford it, the reviews are saying the mic is good, som problems with mac users but i'm windows, is this a good mic for music though ? some people are saying podcasting, I just want to get a mike that can stand the noise of a band playing.
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If I got that I would need to get an external soundcard because my laptop doesn't have the right connection, I bout the Co1u anyway it's amazing, for what I paid I can't belive the quality of sound i'm getting, and it's USB! I reccomend this mic as a starting mic because it's cheap and you don't need to worry about buying anything else.
once again, i would laugh if i walked into a studio with usb mics
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Thats a very good choice for what you need. The CO1 has the guts of a decent studio mic and so easy to use with a computer. I am always in favor of less complicated equipment when it does the job.