Okay, I'm a bit torn up at the moment. Here's the story: I've been working on a song in Guitar Pro for more than two months now. It was a long, painful process, but I'm satisfied with it and I think it's probably one of the best things I've ever written. I was getting close to the end today, touching up some of the riffs and preparing the last section. It's about 300 bars and at least 12 pages long.

I'm using the Mac version of Guitar Pro, and there are still some bugs in the software which need to be ironed out. In addition, I'm using a little Mac Mini which isn't the most powerful thing around, and I'm running very low on storage space. Shortly before this happened, I got a message telling me my startup disc was almost full. Looking back, I should have restarted the machine there, but I didn't. I just clicked "ok" and kept working.

This is where things started going wrong. When I tried to paste something, Guitar Pro told me there was nothing on the clipboard, even though I'd just copied it. Thinking it must be because I was nearly out of memory, I quit the application and went to reopen it again.

Pow. Error message: "Unknown file. Loading aborted." I restarted the computer, but I still get the same message. The file is still there in the folder...but for its size, it says "Zero KB". Basically, the file has vanished.

So now I need help, and, obviously, I thought the pit would be the best place to ask. I'm sure a lot of you use Guitar Pro yourselves and maybe know a bit about how it works. I know the program saves a backup file every now and then which is loaded if the application crashes, but I don't know where this is saved or how to load it manually. Besides, since I've restarted the machine, the backup might have been deleted...? So, basically, IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO, or is that just 2 months of my best work down the drain?

I welcome ANY help, as I'm a bit pissed off and...hell, even upset at this. That was gonna be my masterpiece, man!

tl;dr? I've lost a Guitar Pro file, is there any way I can get it back?
Now if this was a PC, we could magic it back.

But when macs loose things... It's just gone.

You might well be ****ed Go to a mac forum and see if anyone there knows. We're just guitar nerds
Aye, best thing would be to go to a Mac forum

iunno, Macs might have some program that can recover deleted data...i don't know
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You might well be ****ed Go to a mac forum and see if anyone there knows. We're just guitar nerds

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Aye, best thing would be to go to a Mac forum

Thanks for answering...I've posted a thread in the Apple support forum and I'm trying to get in touch with Customer Support for Guitar Pro, but I can't find my User ID...I've searched my computer for "backup.tmp" but it's nowhere to be found, presumably deleted when I restarted, so my only hope now seems to be some sort of system restore.

I'll be devastated if I can't get it back - it'll probably turn me off from songwriting for a good few months if not forever. I just can't believe this has happened