I tried this thread in the pit but I received very few replies. Basically I'm wondering what you do in musical studies in college. Like is it theory or performance or both. And what types of things do you already need to know when you get there. Also, is it very competitive or difficult.
The answer to all of your questions is that it depends on the school. Some colleges/universities will let you into their music program with very little prior experience, some do not offer performance degrees or require proficiency on an instrument, but others require preparation and are more difficult to get into.

Take some time to look up colleges, go to college fairs, and study what is required in different programs. When you get some possibilities, try emailing professors in the departments to find out what is expected of someone who wants to enter the music program. If the college is nearby, try to meet with them, and come up with a thorough list of questions to get all the information you need.

If you are considering a career in something other than music, or a double major, also take that into consideration when looking at schools.
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I was just at a college yesterday, but it was a Saturday and nobody was in their offices at the music department. I'll try to contact some colleges I'm interested in to see what they want.

Is anyone in UG at college for music? If there are could you tell me what it's like?
I do Music Technology. I do everything from composing to performance to improv to studio editing...the works. Great course!
I'm taking two music courses, but it is not my major. I'm at a really tiny liberal arts college so there isn't a huge variety in courses available, but I've been able to talk with my Music Theory professor between classes and get some more high level stuff than what is being offered through the class itself. My other class is Electronic Music, where we do a whole lot of composition and sharing of pieces. We do a little live performance, and the higher level class does more of it than we do, but I'm a newbie to electronic music so I stuck with basics.
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