what do the different coloured mod names mean?
like, i saw aome mod with a green username display, and another with a red
can someone be so kind as to explain the meaning of the colours to me?
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orange= column cleaners. go through the columns and articles and deletes innapropriate comments etc.

green=mod, only hav deleting powers etc in the forum they're in charge of. can ban anyone in any forum though.

Blue=S.Mod like mods but with an S in front. more powers than mods not sure what though.

Red= admin. the are teh UG gods. the creators and all powerful beings who control everything about their certain part of the site

and apparently there are sometimes people with purple names, those are talent scouts but I don't think there are any atm.

you can see them all by clicking view forum leaders at the bottom of the main page.
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