Ok, well my band had our first practice yesterday.
im in a 5 peice band.(2guitars)
we'lll our bassist called me and said that he knew another 3 peice band without a singer, and thought we should join up with them.
so we would have 3 guitarists 2 bassists and 1 drummer, cuz we would drop the drummer we have now.
what do you guys think?
i think if something productive can be produced with it then itd be a cool idea. otherwise i think its way too rediculous and pointless
it would be amazing if you could write the music for all instruments and you would need one crazy drummer, who would need to know multiple styles such as someone like Mike Portnoy. And it could end in a trainwreck and you all end up getting pissed.
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lol why?
unless you guys are incredibly technicle and will be doing complex harmonies you dont need 3 guitars, and two bass's is just retarded, just take there drummer
2 basses? No thanks. 3 guitars? Probably not.
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its not worth all the trouble dude
imagine playing shows like that, taking 2 hours to set up...Hauling all that extra sh*t around...have to divide the money you get payed between 7 people...
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u guys all have 2 be amazing musicians to pull that off

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dont do something too complicaded i have seen some funk bands with 2 bassisst
but it was too complicated

is not really worthy IMO
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Is there no way one on the bassists or guitarists could move onto something else like synth? and two drummers would be better than two bassists IMO
2 bassists and 3 guitars? Honestly I think that's too many..7 people is too much for one band. Splitting gig pay between 7 people would suck and playing small gigs would be a living hell with you guys trying to set up all your equipment on small stages.
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Its like Slipknot. But they have 2 drummers, i think 3 guitarists, maybe 2 bassists, idk, and a singer. And splitting what little u get in pay would be bad for everyone. they dont pay 7 ppl in one band more than what theyd pay 4 or 5 ppl in one band.
Don't have them all doing the same thing. The band will either be very loud and heavy, or very orchestral. Have one of the basses play extra percussion or make weird sounds. Lots of bands have gotten away with three guitars, it will leave room for alot of harmonized guitar leads with a rythm guitar in the background. One of them could play keys/synths? Backup vocals? A band can have alot of members, and that doesn't mean they always have to play their respective instrument. I'd do it!

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Synthesizers. A more electronic form on keyboard. Think bands like Muse, Nine Inch Nails, even Dragonforce uses a bit of sythesizers.
What style of music do you think the band will be playing.

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Use have some members play extra percussion (2nd bass player). Keep opened minded, If you used synths you might become a bit industrial (could be good or bad), but three guitars in a metal band is no problem, if your all playing really tight it'll sound awsome. How many people do you intend to have on vocals? You could have two, maybe even three guys doing different vocal styles, from screaming to grunting to singing to falsetto. The key is to experiment. (I know this might get flamed), but think of a band like Slipknot, even if you hate them. They have guys doing shouting, screaming, rapping, extra percussion, even extra sound effects and stuff. Another great example (though not metal) is The Mars Volta. The is the bare opposite of minimalistic, so if you were to do it, the idea of playing straight ahead metal is out the door. Someone would have to take a leardership role to give everyone direction. It could be very original, but also very challenging. If you are just starting out in your first band, only pursue it if you think its a good thing.
In my opinion, I would love to see a band get up on stage (7-maybe 10 guys) with like 20 instruments laid out everywhere., and the whole show everyone is just constantly switching roles and playing different things.

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hmm interesting idea.
thanks a lot.
i might be able to talk one of our bassists into playing some percussion also, seeing how he is always playing drums more than bass at practice.
does anyone know of another instrument that is commonly used in metal?
not bass or guitar or drums?i cant think of any. at the moment we have 1 singer.
In Progressive keyboard would be the next intrument. Even a band like Isis, used Organs and Atmopherics. There are alot of metal bands with keyboards. You could have them play strings on the keyboard, like in Black Metal.

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6, maybe. 1 Singer, 1 Drummer, 1 bass player, and maybe three guitarists would work. But you'll be best with harmonies for three guitarists. But two bass players? No lol.