I play classic rock, hard rock, and some metal. I need pickups for an HSH configuration guitar. Right now the pickups I have in mind are:

Paf Pro fo the neck
Dimarzio Chopper of Fast Trak 1 for the middle
and Evo 2 for the bridge

What do you guys think? These are all passive pickups aren't they. If they aren;t can u suggest some other ones that are instead.
they are. and those should be good. Maybe get a Lace Gold for the middle, so u can get some good classic rock od and good cleans. I think an Evo 2 is good for bridge, maybe a Tone Zone for the neck.
Sounds fine, I suppose. I'd put a real single coil, rather than a mini humbucker, in the middle. Then, you could use it to lighten up the humbucker's tones.