To anybody kind enough to read or respond...

I have tried several times to try and get the tab for:

John Lee Hooker & Los Lobos - Dimples

It is a much more uptempo version of his original and i'm particularly keen to get it on tab. I am limited in ability at the moment and see it as a goal to acheive. I just can't seem to get it quite right.

Willing to pay for full tab for lead and rhythm if that encourages some response

Come on ... won't it make a change to play something this simple
I dont have the tab for this, but if you like that song you should check out the Allman Brothers Band version of the Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues album. Duane Allman and Dickey Betts do a great job and Greg Allman's vocals work with the song well. Sorry I couldnt help you with your tab.
Thanks very much ... great version and have just invested in the album due to your recommendation...... Rocking out as we speak

Still would like help on this version too though if anybody else has ideas......