Hi i have cingular for my cell provider. I was told i could just take my sim card out of my phone and put it in any phone. Will my contract go with my sim card to the new phone? Like will i have my texting plan and all that stuff?
your sim card is the contract doesnt matter what phone u use it doesnt alter your phone number etc. its your simcard providing the details and the service
but the signal sends almost like a ip and the "ip" can get altered if you put into another phone so the signal might slightly change therefore your phone may get totally shut down by your provider so i would suggest talking to your cellphone provider and ask what are good phones to put in your current sin card
i've got a friend who works at an electronics store and whenever he's working he takes the sim card out of his phone and puts it in one of the blackberries and then goes around for the shift with that haha
the sim card is really all that matters
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thanks im gonna ask the people in the cingular store about it next time i get the chance cuz i dont want to extend my contract by getting a new phone directly from them plus they rape you on the prices