There is a bug in the Friend Request system.

You can't accept any friend requests until you SEND at least one friend request.

Do not send a friend request to me.
I only add people I know, and have talked to several times.

There is a lovely young lady named Jerra (pftyeaiplaybass). She is pleasant to talk to, and if you don't know who else to send a request to, I think she would be a good person to send to.

1 - Click on the username of the person you want to send a request to. This will take you to their Profile Page.

2 - Click on the part that says Add to friends

3 - You will then get a new screen asking "

"Are you you really are sure you want to add (person) .... Click Add to friends

DONE! Once that person accepts your request, you will be on each others lists.

link to Jerra's Profile Page

Once you've completed this, you should be able to accept friend requests:

1 - Click on "My Profile" this is your home page maintainance area.

2 - Click on the line where it show the number of new friend requests. New screen

3 - Tick the boxes of any people you want to add as friends.

4 - Click on Approve new friends.

This advice courtesy of your new friends.
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Anybody who needs to send request can add me to, if it's necessary.
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Anybody who needs to send request can add me to, if it's necessary.

Same Here
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