any1 else watching? I live in south fl and this is sad. 41-7 and its only the end of the second
Yeah i live about an hour away from mia.

My neighbor is a huge dol-fan and i can hear him from over here cussing his ass off.

Will they ever do good?
Tell me about it.

The managers are ****ing idiots.

**** the dolphins, the Jaguars are who I'm rooting for this year, and probably a few years to come.
Shame, I always used to play as the Dolphins on like, NFL Blitz 2000 or something .
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I hate marino....

hes an asshole..

Believe me my dad did some work on his house and he was a straight up ASSHOLE
Nah, West Palm Beach

Never heard of weston actually. Where is it?

The announcers are suprised on how bad the dolphins are.

Prepare for alot of wind sprints
yeah i think its where marino lives, city right next to me. Kids in elementary school used to tell me how they played his kids peewee football team and went to his house on hollowen.

If pats pass 65 ill just completely give up on them for the next few years
Were they sierious about the Mercy thing they were talking about during halftime?
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Which of themselves our minds impress;
That we can feed this mind of ours
In a wise passiveness.

I live in Buffalo, (yes we suck too) and Miami is our rival team. There's this one kid in our school who loves the Dolphins so every Monday we'll be like "how bout those Dolphins" and he'll be like "best team in the league 10-6 baby." Of course he'll switch the record to whatever the best possible record for them is.
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0-14 baby!

Im a rams fan but i still follow the dolphins cuz ive lived here for ma whole life