I desperatly need a new amp. I am going to be using a Schecter C-1 Classic. I like to play anything forom classic rock to metal.

My choices are the Peavey Envoy 110, Roland 20x Cube, Roland 20x Cube, or a Vox Valvetronix AD15VT 15 Watt. SO my question is which amp would suit me best for What I Like to play. Most i cna spend is 250-330 USD
Do you need it for gigs? If not Laney VC15 and a pedal to push it into the higher gain stuff for metal

If you do need it for gigs... Laney VC30 and a pedal to push it further into higher gain stuff for metal.

Also the Laney LC15/30 is a good amp to look at.
No, I am not gonna use it for gigging. It wll be for pratice and playing with friends.
In that case, Laney LC15/VC15, listen to their demos on the laney website... www.laney.co.uk

If you're american though i might not buy a laney as they can be quite expensive over there...
Palomino V16? You'd probably need a pedal to push it for metal, but it should be around that sort of budget, if I remember correctly.
He lives in America Laney is not the best option.

I would however keep the Tube amp theme and go more in the direction of the Crate Palomino or the Traynor Blue. Can't remember exact model numbers but the 15 watt versions would be best.

Also to get metal you'll need an OD pedal, something along the lines of a Tubescreamer should do.
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If you must have solid state then my favorite is the Peavey Envoy. Somewhat "tubelike" sound, more than the others, I like the distortion and they are long-lasting and very rugged.
I much prefer tubes, so you may also want to try out a $200 tube combo, but the Envoy will be somewhat louder. Choose between best sound less power and more power and not as good sound. I really think you would be happy either way on this one.