so yes i realize they are discontinued but they are easy to find on the web. would this be a good amp for death metal? i need a good amp for metal and this amp seems really good.
They're great amps, but for necrophagist you might want something a little brighter.....maybe an ENGL?
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i ave a 5150, and yes you can play necrophagist on it i use a tube screamer to warm up the darkness a bit and i use a delay and chorus just for effects if your a single guitarist and want that death metal sync'd sound u get w/ two guitarist, but yeah it would be able to do stuff ike behemoth, carcass and necrophagits very well
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definatly good for death metal, and from what i've seen on ebay theres more 5150 combos out there than 6505s. The 6505 combo will probobly be my next amp, but im not sure about buying used. i would rather pay the extra couple hundred bucks and have it bran spankin new, with new tubes and full warrenty. but i guess some people don't mind used stuff so w/e.
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