well ive been thinking about getting a strat, cause im really getting more into that sound. im really into david gilmour's tone in dark side of the moon and the wall.
so i was looking into it, and some websites i found said that the classic series 70's were perfect, but other said the classic player 60's was better.

so which strat would get me a perfect gilmour sound?
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^ he used that for dark side. It is a 70's strat with factory pickups. He later replaces them with Seymour Duncans.

But Gilmour is a big effects person. So read that whole article, and basically that whole site if you wanna sound like DG.
I know he used an early Mesa Mark II I believe it was on the "Another Brick in the Wall Part II" solo, and that he used Hiwatts a lot as well. He also had a Fender of some kind at one time. If you can find it, there was a Guitar World about a year ago that went in depth on it. I believe it was the issue on effects with Tom Morello on the cover.
There are sometimes MIJ Strats with EMGs appearing on ebay. MEant to be good for gilmour.

I wouldn't worry which strat you get to be honest, it is more in the effects and amp to get his tone. And his fingers, which you can't have unfortunately.

I know he went back and forwards between normal strat singles and hotter pickups IIRC. Again I don't think it matters too much.

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