Whats up im in a band called nexus we have been trying out different singers for a few months now and im tired of looking. We have Me(lead guitar, lyricist), Adam(Bassist), TJ(Drummer), and currently we are trying out Alex as our singer but he can't sing at all. We all live in Mukilteo/ Edmonds so if you live any where near here or even know anyone that can sing tell them to give me, adam or tj a call, then we can schedule a date to try them out or whatever. We have a very diverse style, we have some really heavy songs and some pretty mellow Nirvana type songs, but for most of our songs we have lyrics but we need someone to SING them, as far as the guitarist goes, we could make you some parts but all I really need is for you to help Adam guide the singer with some power chords we have laid out. SO PLEASE CALL US.

Note- We have done gigs but all instrumental so we know what we are doing. we all are 16 and 17 with cars.

ME/JASON - 425-315-3329
ADAM - 425-387-6831
Tj - 425-244-3153
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