Hey, me and my bro have been looking at a couple recording setups, and we decided on the BOSS Br-600 rig.. i was just wondering (since we've never done anything like this before, short of a piece of crap non-track tape recorder) how/what mics i would use to record his drumset with decent quality. And by the way, i do realize that theres a drum machine built into the br-600.. Any recommendations would be welcome in a price range of like 100 USD $$ thanks
I made a thread about drum mics earlier, it's on the second page and has some good advice
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in my experience, your budget seems kinda tough to work with. you could mic it with it with an overhead condenser mic, which could be $50-$100 or more if you want.

after not being too satisfied with my overhead results, i went with this shure drum mic package:


it probably seems a bit steep at $400, but it's pretty much everything you need for recording. the sm57s can record basically anything, and the beta 52 takes care of the bass drum and mic'ing a bass amp.

lately i've been using my overhead condenser again, and with these mics and it sounds fantastic. but keep in mind the drum mics alone pick up cymbals well on their own.
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