Ok i just refinished and rewired my bass.... and found out both my pickups are not working. I don't have the skill to try to fix them, and it's time to replace these shat stock ones (cheap Jazz bass copy from the 70s). I was looking around at some Basslines and DiMarzios and found these four sets:
Ultra Jazz Bass Pickups
Model J DP123
Hot for Jazz Bass SJB-2
Quarter Pound for Jazz Bass SJB-3

I am a complete newbie at this kind of thing, but between talking to my friend and the descriptions I think any of those are what I'm looking for. They are about evenly priced, and I'd prefer to stay around that price if possible. I play garage/classic/alt/whatever rock, with heavy jazz influences and some RHCP and Muse influence. I'd like something smooth but something I can also get some smack from, if you get what I mean.
Am I on the right track? Are these good quality pups? If someone could rate them highest to lowest or something, you guys know the deal from the other 1000 pup threads
If your pickups arent working its probably in your wiring... Id say change the pots aswell anyways. I think stew macs J-bass wiring kit are like $20 and that'll probably help your tone aswell.

As for which pickups I dont know.
i checked all the wiring, it's all new. everything is good but im getting nothing from either pickup, so i know it's that. now i took out and put back in both and one pup works, but the other doesn't. either way i'd like to replace them.

anyone else have reccomendations of any on my list?
I say the quarterpounder.
Call me Wes.
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ok i ruled out the SJB-2s (EDIT: ) and the model Js now i just have:
Basslines/Seymour Duncan Quarter pounders
DiMarzio Ultra Jazz Bass

what do you think?
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ok got both pickups working again.... had them set too high in the body silly i know
still gonna get new ones (just cause i can and it will make the thing sound as good as it looks)