I'm curently planning on some of my wiring and such, and need some suggestions as to what to do with the last push/pull pot im getting on my guitar. Everything is either push/pull or concentric.

so far I have

Humbucker - Volume/Phaser
Humbucker Tone/Coil Fader (concentric pot)

Single Coil -Volume/Diode Clipper
Single Coil Tone/Midscoop

Humbucker -Volume/???
Humbucker tone/Coil Fader (concentric pot)

Should be fun, any suggestions welcome. also, if anyone can tell a reason why these various configerations wouldnt work, I'd love to hear it. So far from what I've seen off wiring diagrams I think it'll all be fine, but the more minds the better
Hmm, shouldnt have put it like that, sorry.

It'll put the humbucker out of phase with itself/the other pickups. Series Parrallel. yes, thats what I'm thinking of. Better way of putting it, thank you poster below me.

Edit: Also, the guitars going to be on a passive system only. No batteries.

And I have two rocker switches set up for a/b/y.
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