soo i have this computer

works good and everything but it has no sound device
well thats what it says that it has no sound device and i need to go to add new hardware and install it. problem is i go there and doesnt show or say anything.
i have no idea what to do.
dont flame me i already know im a n00b newb or whatevr the **** you guys like to say.


what do i do?
1.Dosn't your motherboard have an integrated soundcard? almost all motherboards do.
2.Are you trying to install a soundcard you got or fix the possibly integrated sound?
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Ok. First things first.

1. What kind of computer?

2. What operating system are you running?
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It's most likley AC97 if you're a newb Most n00b PCs I know don't exactly have Audidgy 4 cards

Google AC97 Audio drivers, should help.