acoustic or electric drums?
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On one Chili Peppers song, one specific section of snare hits had a Comb Filter on it. Made it sound like a gunshot sorta. I cant think of the song. Most ppl would EQ em. Id say some sort of effect to level em out, so u can hear everything. Compression definately, maybe some Delay or Reverb.
What are the most common effects used on vocals/bass?
I'm recording most of my band's songs, and I wanna do it myself since I have the equipment.
Also, is there a way to master songs on your own?
Drums aren't reverbed as much, but it occasionally happens when producers don't want that thick tight drum sound.

You can essentially do a cheap master if you have a bit of knowledge with a compressor.

Apply a 30:1 ratio, a threshold of around -15db, and whatever ASDR the song requires, and you can limit the loud to hell and raise the overall level.