Yeah this is a really simple metal riff and focuses more on speed over complexity. Tell me what you think (what's good, whats bad, is it good/bad, should I keep/scrap it, etc.) and leave a link for the C4C

NOTE: the more detailed you are with me, the more detailed i will be with you.
Metal Riff 8.zip
from what i can hear of the midi its a really nice little intro to a good brutal sounding song

finish it up or add to is some more and i can give a better crit

will ya take a look at mine its some metal as well screams fell silent under the black sun?
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Screams fell silent underneath the black sun
okay, ill try to give you somewhat of a detailed crit but your riff isnt that long.....

but since it was meant to show speed and not complexity, i think you were successful. you could really add a bit more to it though. maybe the notes you're palm muting could change with the change of chords? that would be cool. also, vary the riffs the second time around. for example, i thought for the second time making the chords in this order:


just for some variation.

then add some stuff to the second part also. change the last three notes every time, for example the second time you can go


third time repeat the first one, then 4th time change it again.

kinda follow what I'm saying? thats at least what my vision was.

and i hope my tabs helped
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Well. A bit short.


It's a good thrash/speed metal riff, I suppose. Like the others have said, a bit more variety would help, especially in the second one. It gets kind of repetitive and boring after awhile.