erm ive been told to buy an eq pedal buy some guys at UG because im getting an active pickup guitar through an roland cube 60

what does an eq pedal actually do? how much would a decent one be?

i play metal like gojira opeth slayer
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check out a MXR 10-band. almost THE perfect cheapish EQ.

for a major tight budget check out the Danelectro Fish & chips.

an eq pedal give you more control over your tone, you can boost certain frequencies, and cut someq

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ya its like an extra treble bass middle control, like a second channel or used in junction with your preexisting one, like if you can get enough bass then boost the bass, if its too trebley cut the treble
An EQ pedal would be virtually useless with that guitar and amp, and it could hurt the sound. If you have to get an EQ the Fish n Chips is very good and cheap.
I'm with uldhppi. not just because the EQ will hardly affect the sound of the roland, but because you don't know what eq is for. experiment with the EQ on your amp first
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