Following on from rko's post about looking for a band in the Birmingham area...I would like to throw my hat in the ring. Maybe we could meet up rko? See this thread bud...

Jamming sessions in England

Iv been playing for a few years now and dont feel fully confident but can play the following songs:

But Id love to be part of a band that are starting out etc. Basically join a group of good people who enjoy playing amongst each other and who knows, maybe start to get some gigs the better we get!

The songs I know on guitar...

Stockholm Syndrome
Plug in Baby

Plus bits of other songs

Rage against the Machine
Killing in the name of

System of a Down
Violent Pornorgaphy

Foo Fighters
How I miss you

Young Knives
Here comes the rumour mill


Hundred Reasons
If I could
I'll find you
Feed the Fire

Id love to be part of a band or just part of a jamming session. The thing is with me, if im passionate about it then I will learn things quite quickly and really put in a lot of time and effort but invariably when im learning on my own I try and learn a song but then discover that it doesent sound like the original due to lack of bass and drums.
So to be part of a jamming group or a band starting out or whatever would be great.

A lot of the songs on the list above are quite distinctive and can be easily listened without Drums, Bass, Keyboard - obviously they sound much better with all these though.

Id also like it to discover new things. For instance I have a hard time reading music, singing whilst playing and sometimes when fingering (plug in baby for instance) I might play a dud note but you just get on with it.
However, I know that if I were part of something special then I would make it my goal to tighten up and get better. I suppose I dont have enough confidence in my own ability!

But as Larry from Hundred Reasons so often says at the Birmingham Academy...Birmingham IS the home of Rock and Roll and lets start a group, let me join one lol or lets start a massive jamming session and then tour the world ala The Polyphonic Spree! hehe
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Thats quite close to where I am mate...I live in Cradley Heath. Plus I have a car, own amp..guitar. So if you ever wanted to meet up then thats cool.
I live in Solihull, and should be able to get to Birmingham. Been playing for about a year. Its cool that you play alot of the music i do. I can play those muse songs and the ratm song. I like your taste, so maybe it would be cool to jam. Im learning theory at the moment, so my improv might not be amazing. We could still have a blast doing some covers. I really enjoy guitar, and i think im picking it up quite fast. How old are you exactly, and where abouts in Bham do you live?