i recently bought a macbook pro and am now looking to invest in a pedal workstation with recording capabilities. right now the digitech gnx 3000 is my number one option but i am looking for some opinions. broad range of studio qualty effects and mac compatible recording are the 2 musts. any help would be appreciatred. price range is up to a $1000 (canadian)
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I have no idea how good it is as I've never played it myself but I'be heard from the friends the Line 6 tone port is alright.
I have a digitech gnx 3000 which I bought from e-bay, the pedal is very well built and despite what you might read elsewhere - easy to program from the pedal itself. The only problem I am finding is that when I plug in to my line 6 amp the top end cuts your ears off, also the drive effects all sound very buzzy, anyone got any ideas how to fix this problem?