Over the last couple of days I've been playing around with the beginnings of my new mini "home studio" setup, and I've had a load of fun. I think I've come up with some pretty decent results as well. Here are a couple full covers I have so far, and yeah, I know my vocals are hilariously awful.

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Your tone is pretty amazing imo!
And your playing in the trooper is amazing man!

I love recording too!
whats ur recording setup?
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Dude your playing KICKS ASS! Perffect tone, get a singer, and rock hard dude. Or jsut remove the singing, because it makes this really funny... and I would rather have this be serious and good then funny.

EDIT: I love recording as well, rarely ever get to, I like jamming over my recordings aswell. If you record anything else including covers or originals, be sure to pm them to me or something.
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sometimes i really hate recording. Sometimes I just can't play a riff PERFECTLY and I know that it has to perfect on the recording. You got great results though. How long have you been playing? your quite good
holy shiitt, that trooper cover is awesome,except for the singing(that made it funny). but yeah.excellent work in the playing and tone and recording
Thanks guys! The singing meant to be a joke, I know I'm terrible, but I wanted to fill the space/test my vocal recording. I'm also a fan of comic relief.

As for gear, I'm using a Presonus Firepod firewire interface, a Shure SM57 dynamic mic, and an Audio-Technica AT3035 condenser mic. Software is Reaper 2.0 with a bunch of sweet VST plugins I "acquired".
come on, the vocals weren't even fair.

good job on the guitars, bass, and drums though. none of my friends know this song, so i can't jam to it
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The vocals on the Paranoid aren't half bad.

But yeah, the rest sounds good.
haha, that was great man. I thought your vocals were actually pretty cool on the trooper, lol. Great tone and playing bro.
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Duude! I've got a quickrod too! I love those things!
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You can get so much satisfaction out of a good recording. That's what makes me keep recording.
hey, nice to see you around, good work. sounds great.

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very good playing. your vocals are complete and utter ownage.. in a bad way lol
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The quality is amazing and the guitar sounds great. The vocals are hilarious too.
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The Trooper fucking owns. Please remove the vocals though

edit: Do you use a delay peddal? if so, why setting did you use for your lead tone? Cause it's really sweet.

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The Trooper fucking owns. Please remove the vocals though

edit: Do you use a delay peddal? if so, why setting did you use for your lead tone? Cause it's really sweet.

Hahah, actually I do have the original version without the vocals, the whole falsetto through the entire song idea was really an afterthought.