I've noticed that this has developed on my guitar recently. I know that the bass strings are always going to have a slightly higher output than the treble strings just because there's more string mass moving through the magnetic field, but it's now at the point where the low E is about 3 times as loud as the high E. I've restrung but it hasn't made a difference.

My guitar is an Ibanez AFS77T (archtop hollowbody, single cutaway, 2 humbuckers) strung up with Ernie Ball Super Slinkes (.9s) and I've done absolutely nothing to it that could have affected this. I thought that I might be able to raise the pickups a bit on the treble side to compensate for the volume loss, will this work? If not, what else can I do?

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i personally would raise the treble side as you suggested. i had a similar problem, and it worked fine for me (albeit on a different guitar).
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i think thats the whole reason pickups are adjustable. my strat has the treble side raised too.
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