I'm looking to buy a new acoustic (I currently own a Yamaha FG-Junior) and I was wondering if anyone recommended one over the other? Thanks.
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i have no experience playing either but the seagull's headstock is ugly haha
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im thinking about buying yamaha cuz im in the same position as you, ive got a fg-401, takamines are good aswell.
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I haven't played the Seagull S6 but I just bought a Yamaha yesterday. Sorry I don't know the exact model name but its from the FG series. Its a great guitar for the price. $260 plus the free Axe Pack curtousy of Yamaha that came with a stand and gig bag.
I have a Seagull S12 which is supposed to give the same tone except it's a 12 string obviously. It's lovely and it is my favourite thing in the world. But I haven't tried the Yamaha model you mentioned, so I can't really say. I just wanted to put in a good word for Seagull since everybody's in here screaming about the Yamaha
Guitarnoobie, it'll say in the f-hole FG-???
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I own the FG750S and I like it a lot. I think it would still be in your best interest to try them both, though. You may like the Seagull better. Honestly, you can't go wrong with either for the money.
Yeah im not a fan of the seagull headstock either, but theyre great guitars
just my opinion, but i'd go for the yamaha. i've played both and prefer the yamaha. the only thing that really matters is which one you like the best though!
^Agreed. I prefer the Seagull, but that says nothing about what you'll like.
thanks for all the advice. but ya, i'll probably just end up driving down to guitar center to see which one I like better.
I have a Seagull S6 and I don't know that I could have found anything better for the money. I played a few Yamaha's while looking around, but nothing felt near as great as the Seagull.

Edit: And for the record, the headstock on the Seagull is what drew me to it initially. It's so different, and that's a good thing, or at least in my opinion it is.