Okay, so i hear if you don't have enough or too much tension on your neck it can damage it. so i play in drop C most of the time but i do go to standard E some times. but i hear having my guitar in C is actually damaging it because it's not set up that way (its also having a little buzzing that i would like to eliminate that) so if i got my guitar setup to drop C or D standard tuning would going up to E damage it too? and if so is there a middle between no buzz and not too much tension?

thanks in advance
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i had the same problem
its really not possible to set it up either way without damaging your gutar a little bit
what you can try to do is get slightly thicker strings
ans set the bridge up for drop d
then move between stander d and c
idk whats its going to do cuz i havent tried that before
i just bought another guitar before i reallyexperimented with it
so i set one up with drop c and some zakk wylde 10-60 strings (it has a floyd rose on it
and my other one for standerd and drop d
good luck