This is scary for me. This is the first time Ive ever been away form the bass fourm but i need to help my dad right now. He bought a new Epiphone 335. There have been problems with it for a while now but this one just absolutly perplexes me. Whenever he, or me for that matter, plays the brand new elixer B string the pitch will be fine for 3 or 4 seconds and then it will go 5 cents flat and then 15 cents sharp. And its not the tuner cus i can hear it my self.

Any Sugestions???
If its a new string, then keep tuning it and it should eventually settle down. New strings have a tendancy to stretch alot after u put em on.
well old strings tend to be unstable as well.

break these in. make sure u've got a few winds around the tuners.

also the flat profile frets will take getting used to.

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Its gonna sound stupid. But maybe your "gears" in your tuners aren't catching all the way, so the tension is causing the peg to turn?
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Does it only happen when playing the open string? Does it make any difference how hard you pick the string?
Tighten up the string intonation and adjust string height so it doesn't wobble as much. Wobbling does change the pitch of the note a lot as it rings out.

It takes a lot of experimentation to get this right, along with matching the 12th fret pitch to the open string pitch.