I want to replace the sucky tuners on my epiphone les paul standard. I posted a thread like this before, but asked about what might be wrong with my tuners but, i thinks that i just need better ones. can anyone tell me the tuners on the epiphone les paul standard? I know they are Grovers, but what kind? And i would also like if anyone could recommend any new tuners
Grovers are excellent tuners. What could be wrong with them? If your guitar is going out of tune I'd probably say its the way you restring your guitar unless you get it done at the shop.
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they are Grover 3-left/3-right possibly rotomatics or rotomatic locking tuners
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they put grovers on the standards?

yeah they do, ive also got an epi les paul standard
There must be two different companies using the Grover name, because I changed to a set of Grovers from identical looking Grovers because the tuning knobs very sloppy and had lots of freeplay in them. Underneath the sloppy set, were very unusual markings, very unlike the actual Grovers from the factory package.
Just make sure before shelling out the money for new tuners that your tuning problems aren't because of the nut.