Im looking for a good practice routine so I can get good. I'm gonna be grounded for the next couple of weeks, and I'd like to have a practice routine anyways. So any suggestions? Like scales and stuff like that? How long should I do each?
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I practice all the scales and chords i know for about 30 minutes to an hour maybe learn new ones then i practice sweep picking and all kinds of hammer ons and pull offs for about 10 minutes then I learn a bunch of songs and play them.
In the catalyst years (I am assuming that you are relatively new to the guitar) it is important to constantly learn new songs. Learn them, understand why they are tonally pleasing, and move onto something more difficult.

I'll start you out:

Led Zeppelin's 'Dancing Days' has an odd feel to it; most people will leave it at that, and move on to the next track. But look at it, inquire about the scales and chords used, and you'll find that it is based around the Lydian scale (at least the intro and recurring guitar theme is).

I recommend that you go to your local library and check out a book on harmony or general music theory. Force yourself to memorize key signature and the like. Also, don't be afraid to learn solid techniques early on such as sweeping, proper trill technique, hammer-ons and pull-offs, etc.; they will pay dividends in the years to come
Here is one practice routine of many:
just play around with it and delete/insert any other stuff you feel you may need.
Good luck.
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Warm up
Scale runs
Focus practice on anything I need to work on specifically (hammer ons, sweeping, chord positions, book exercises for lessons)
Soloing and improvisation
Learning songs (by ear)

You will get the most out of your practice if you focus on your weaknesses. Set a goal every time you practice. You will get better and notice it every time.
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