alrite so i've been checkin vids on youtube with samples of how the piezo pickups sounds with an electric guitar. i find it to be a beautiful sound and would very much enjoy having it in my SG.

i know where i can get one online, but what i need to know is how much would i need to pay the local shop to install it? the bridge has to be replaced w/ the one that has the piezo pickup wired to it. and it has a volume knob and some other kind (i guess its a toggle switch?). i would like to have a good estimate for how much im gonna have to shell out for the total. the chrome bridge/piezo pickup is $160 rite there. so i guess i just need to know an estimate for labor.

has anyone else had the similar job done by a shop?


whats the other knob thingy included do? i didn't know if it was a toggle switch or not.

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