Ok. So.

I've decided to make a TRULY custom guitar.

So to start it's going to be based on a les paul but with a farthur cutaway, a floyd rose bridge (call me crazy,) cherry burst (or w/e the standard les paul finish is) An EMG pickup for metal and leads, and Gibson pickup for everything else (much more versalite pickup)

I then also want to install this
(may be added after project is complete)

I want to put one of these

on the headstock to make it look cool.

I'm hoping I can find a decent deal for a floyd rose bridge on ebay. (right now im looking at a $30 floyd rose tremelo system)

I'm going to have the 3 way switch selector (something along the lines of this

standard gibson tuners

volume knobs
this should do for the jack

I'll put more of the parts going into on here later. but if you have any suggestions feel free.

I am planning to use my schools tech lab. Because like most people i don't keep a bandsaw in my celler. (I have a backup plan if i can't use the school)

Once I get this going I will take pictures and show you the progress as often as possible. I think this is going to be a pretty sick guitar.
John Petrucci

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