I've been looking for a new guitar for a while now and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions.

I'm looking for a mix between a super-strat and a Les Paul. I like the LP sound, but don't like the LP weight or the single cut away. I play mostly modern rock and with some harder stuff mixed in, but not metal. I play through a Vox AD30VT. I need it to clean up pretty nice, but have some bite. I could probably use a pedal if I need more OD/Distortion.

I have had my eyes on the Schecter C-1 for a while. The coil tap is nice for the cleans and the JB in the bridge is nice. I'll probably go with the C-1+ because it comes in black cherry, has a smaller scale, and doesn't have the vine inlays. Eventually I'll replace the pickups with real Duncans. Any Suggestions for pickups?

Anyways based on that train of thought, do you guys have any other suggestions?
Maybe an HSS strat?
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Schecter S-1 Blackjack

Its shaped like a double cut les paul, is light...i think...it definately isnt as heavy as a les paul though... it has real duncans, with the jb in the bridge and a coil tap.

buy it.

its awesome.

or a C-1 blackjack if you like that shape better... though it doesnt have the coil tap
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HSS strat definettly. You play the same kind of music as me. And just get the best strat you can for your price range
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If you are based in the UK, then I'd say Washburn x50pro. In US then probably Epiphone LP Ultra, it has a chambered body. If I remember rightly, 3 pounds of weight has been taken off.

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the c-1 artist. it looks so cool, has regular duncan JB/'59, coil tap.
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Thanks for the suggestions. If I go with a schecter it is going to be a C-1 because I like the strat shape better. I had considered the HSS strat, but I wasn't sure what pick-ups to put in it. I want something hot in the neck, like the SD rails, but most people I asked said that was a bad and just go with a mahogany H-H and a coil tap.

What do you guys think would be better?
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I like the high out put of the rails. I like the feel of the strat more than the vintage sound. But what are some good regular single coil pickups?