ok so i'm lookin for a nice guitar in the 500 dollar range. i like to play everything from led zeppelin to black sabbath. thats basically it. i don't want anything crazy like no b.c. rich's or any of that kind of thing. thanks in advance!
Epiphone Les Paul or SG....
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lol zeppelin to sabbath....thats pretty similar. Anyhow, I agree with the epiphone suggestion, they are good. Another brand you may want to try out is the Yahama Pacifica's they make really good guitars for the price range.
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Gibson faded SG on MF has it for somewhere around 500 I believe
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no epiphones. i went through one and don't like the sound. i would die for a gibson if i could afford it. i know i am being a little picky for my price range but i'm a picky person. please be specific with the model too if u know it
try an Ibanez S series? S520EX for example. Maybe. I don't think it's fair to judge an entire company of guitars just by playing one of them- I did that with epi's as well. Needless to say I love my goth G400.
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