Right, posted so many threads today

I'm sure this would work
If i just simply sanded the frets down on my guitar neck so they are level with the fretboard?
so therefore it looks like a normal guitar neck from a distance, but actually isn't any frets there.
Just a bit of a random idea, i've seen it on a fender jazz bass, but never on a guitar
What would this accomplish?
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What you are talking about are lined frets. Lines painted or otherwise put to show where the frets were.

Sanding down frets would never give a smooth finish, due the hardness of metal to wood. Tear the frets out and fill with wood filler. Those were the origional lined frets Jaco Pastorius.

Evem if you did manage to get the finger board level, as the strings would rest on the frets when you push down, it would not give a fretless sound.
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They do make fretless guitar necs, but sanding em would mess up the frets i think. Ud be better off prying off all the frets and filling em with grain filler. Maybe then putting some sort of protective coating like Nitro on the neck.
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so whats the easiest way to get the frets off?

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ok, just had a search of the forums, and found that if you heat the frets, you can then pry them out
i presume heating them melts the glue holding them in.

So if i do this, then fill in the gaps, hopefully will work
Taking the frets off is the easy part. Just heat them up with the soldering iron to melt the glue, and use pliers. You will get some tearout of the fretboard, but its nothing to panic over. Fill the slots with either epoxy, wood filler, or even real wood. Widening the slots and using popsicle sticks has worked in the past.

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alright cheers, might try it out first on an old guitar i've got.
only a cheap strat copy that i couldn't care less about.

Thanks for the advice
oh i cnt get the bloody things out

i've heated, but cnt pull them out :/
You might be better off prying them off carefully with a knife. That's what I did and it worked fine.

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Sex, pizza, the smell of fresh washing and slap bass.
don't know whats going on

if its the guitar, or what,

can't prise them off with plyers or a knife

it is only a really cheap guiar, so any other experimental idea's i can try out?
at last

worked out how to do it, just needed a little bit more patience and force under the fret.
Wrap a lot of tape around your neck right next to the fret so there's less tearout.
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I was doing the same thing, just heat it with a soldering iron, and use some needle-nose pliers or a chisel to pull them out, and be careful as to not chip the fretboard too much. DOn't worry if you do, though, you can always just fill them in.
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defretted it all now
looks quite good, not much damage at all

will upload pics 2morrow