i'm getting a PA system, but i dont even know where to begin looking... don't know much about them

I don't want to spend more than $300-400..and really only plan on using it for band practice...I don't really need more than 10 inputs...but atleast 8

and nothing huge...it's hard to carry my halfstack into our drummer's loft in his garage.

I already got mics, but if its included and doesnt jack up the price its fine.

what is the BEST choice for this price range? what are some good brand names? thanks.
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Probably Fender or a Squier one. U can always change the Mixer to a cheap-ish one with more inputs. The Fender or Squier ones fold int a shell kinda, with handles.
i looked at those...the passport i believe? my guitar teacher has one, ill ask him about them...it just kind of looks cheap to me...i guess my title of the thread is misleading...coz i really dont want anything cheap...just inexpensive
yeah they are cheap. ^

look at yamaha stagepass. maybe you can find something used.

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i looked at those in guitar center, i want something that is gonna last...what about a kustom...my uncle has this 12 inout mixer that he doesnt really use much...any good?
Kustom mixers, speakers, etc sound like crap. Trust me.

Go for a Phonic 7** package. Good mixer, 2 speakers, under $400.