I was thinking of getting an ibanez.
But i wasn't sure which one.
Which ibanez/shred guitar would you guys reccomend?
Also, which would you not reccomend?
Budget is like...$150-350.
Yes, i know it's not a lot, but what's the best for that budget?
Include pics please. :]
do you care about a locking trem?? if not go with a GRG, my wife has a GRG170 (which we customized with dimarzios) other than the tremelo I can't tell the difference between a regular RG, cost us $260 canadian
Are there any other guitars i can get?
Just want to keep my selections open.
Are there any that i should stay away from?
^ I would say that the RG321 is the best you can get with that budget. But, anyway, stay way from LTD, Dean (between others) in that price range.
is what i would get
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