Can I put these http://professional.celestion.com/guitar/products/alnico/detail.asp?ID=3 in my hot rod deville 212?

Fender Hot Rod DeVille 212 Features:

* Touch-sensitive dynamics
* Delivers 60W of power fueled by matched Groove Tube 6L6s
* 2 - 12" speakers
* Effects loop
* Extension speaker jack
* Genuine Fender reverb
* Includes cover and 2-button footswitch
* 24-1/4"W x 21"H x 10-3/4"D
* 54 lbs.
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not that i know much about electrics,
but if they use more or less power, and have a different impedance to your current speaker, then you'll need to change some of the resistors
and that's very very confusing
which is why i don't know much about electrics
^ Eh, not really.

TS- I don't think those'll work, as they're each rated at 15W and the Hot Rod is 60W. If you used four of them in an external cab you could pull it off, but otherwise no.
good luck buying a 4 celestion blues. Your looking at a >$1000 cabinet. IMO your better off buying a different speaker. The blue might also sound different than "normal" blue sounds of a 2x12 AC30. Perhaps you might want to look into getting two Celestion Golds