for sale is my schecter c1+, this is a great guitar that looks and sounds good, it has a sculpted heel and a set neck w/ 24 frets, the pickups are seymour duncan designs and have a coil splitter built into them. this is a very solid gutiar that i have had for about a year and has been great, i just never play it anymore due to my stratocaster ( which i love) looking for about 350 though im willing to nogotiate, would like to keep it somewhat local but im willing to ship.
heres some pictures(note that in the thrid pic those arent dings, its just dirty):

fender princeton 650-this is a 65 watt solid state amp with 18 ( sometihng like thAT) dsp effects and 7 different timbre's, there is also a built in tuner. This amp sounds very good and has a 12 in celestion in it (a gt-80 or something lioke that i d have to check ) great amp just have no need anymore due to my owning two other amps and having a third en route. 300 obo , preferably someone close but if you want it shipped im sure we can work something out

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interested in trades?

not unless you have a marshall 36 watt head (or an unassembled kit for one )
northboro, massachusetts ( hence the noboro in my profile its kinda joke cuz its a small town w/ nothing in it)
yah that sounds ok i ll pm you
edit: i left a comment cuz the pm wasnt working
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is the guitar gone? would you want to trade for it?
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The guitar is not gone...as far as trades unless you have a 36 watt (kit or built) i am not considering trades. am open to all reasonable offers though
I will give you 320 for it shipped, but ill have to talk to my parents, Pm me if ur interested
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