sounds pretty sweet. you got your rhythem playing real solid. throw some leads on it and you got yourself a great song. check out some of my stuff. the quality really sucks because it was pluged in to my computer with a super thin cord but im mostly just trying to get ideas down.
thanks for the comments,,i used to play death black and thrash metal so this is quite a change.i am listening to another song first...i like the guitar tone not as bad as you made it sound like it was gonna be,the solo was cool sloppy in some places but was still cool just wished there was some drums to get the real feel of your song idea.

listening to howl,dig the old school thrash intro howl seems to be an overall better song to me dig the solo also it was unexpected but the clean sections solo you should work on it more it sounds out of key with the backing guitar but not bad at all.

grunion and john thanks for your comments as well..how obvious is it that it is not a real drummer?

grunion i dig working title let me know when you have a finished verison
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I can tell you have a background in metal. Your tone definitely reflects that. I really dig the riffs with the palm mutes thrown in there. I tend towards that style when just jamming around. A cool riff came in around the middle of the song... very powerful. The one with the crash every quarter note instead of hi-hat.

You, my friend, need vocals for this. The structure of the song just demands it. 8/10, bro. Good job... Enjoyed.

Here's mine:

sweet man.. cool...

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very good, I like the style, It's kind of between Heavy rock and metal
yea i come from a metal background so i think that will always be in my playing somehow,thanks for listening

I think the song will sound real good with vocals. the structure is great, the tone has a real metal feel and the song all together sounds professional. i like the break-down in the middle of the song. also the palm muted riffs sound real cool (did you use an extra layer to put the same riff an octave higher?) i tihnk some parts are a little repetative but if you are puttin vocals on it so some sort of lead, it shoudn't matter.


- Dave