Ok i play old school thrash and death metal (megadeth, metallica, death, slayer, morbid angel, testament, heathen, overkill, exodus, etc.). I have a solid state half stack (i know i need to get a tube so you dont have to rub it in my face lol), an esp m-400 (active pickups), and currently a boss metalzone mt-2... i get good tones (at least to me, considering my rig) but im tired of my metalzone.. its okay but very sharp, thin, and processed sounding... so i need recommendations on a new pedal... i always see awesome reviews on ehx metal muff but can it handle real heavy distortion as in death metal? also looked at rocktron silver dragon (cheap tube pedal)... anyways, can everyone who post please list the 3 best distortion pedals for my type of music in their opinion? thxs all
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Let me put it this way.....

For Metal, METAL MUFF > ALL.

That's all I need to say.
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boss-metal master. or whatever its called i got it yesterday and its AWESOME
I'm definitely going to have to double the guy when he says Rocktron Silver Dragon; it's a woefully unpopular pedal, but it rips your face off. And the Metal Muff looks pretty good. But with your MT-2 you could try experimenting with the mid-range (I can get some really raw, unprocessed sounds by doing that).
boss metal core? or metal zone?
i have the metal core...and it rips
boss ds-1 distortion is awesum too
and the metal muff
prolly the 3 best ones ive tried or owned
DS-1 for death metal? Naaah.
I have the Metal Master... mine came wired sloppily and had tons of background noise, so I didn't use it for a long time. I fixed it up not long ago and now it sounds better than anything I've ever used for metal.
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i tried both metalcore and metalzone and metalzone is the best since you can try more stuff than metalcore.
Boss = no.

I've always hated the sound of a boss pedal.

Silver Dragon = awesomeface.

I'm curious about the Rocktron Zombie Rectifier.
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SANSAMP GT-2! All of these what metal pedal thread, I can't believe no one is saying get a sansamp gt-2 except me. I've heard great things about the metal muff. But all i can say is I love my gt-2 and my friend chose the gt-2 over the metal muff..

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Everyone must own a DS-1 at some point in their playing career.


Metal Muff? Metal Muffs are awesome, and should be fine for the stuff you play. To the people who reccomended a DS-1, no chance for what he plays. It's too thin, etc.
Blackstar HT-DIST or HT-DISTX are both good valve driven pedals for £90 uk. i got a HT-DRIVE which is a lower gain one its wicked. they run a ecc83 valve at 300V to get a good sound. well worth a check.
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Boss = no.

I've always hated the sound of a boss pedal.

Silver Dragon = awesomeface.

I'm curious about the Rocktron Zombie Rectifier.

I have a Rocktron Zombie, and it is a good pedal that can really scream when cranked up, but it only delivers high gain sounds, no fuzz or bluesy stuff here...... I play i through a Hot Rod Deluxe which is sort of weird, (that's more of a blues amp) but I just needed something to get that amp crunching, and it works just fine..... I have a hard time getting a scooped sound out of it, though, unless I use my EQ pedal with it....

So in my opinion, the whole "sounds just like a Rectifier" and "sound jumps right out of the amp and into the room with the "Stare" control" stuff is a bunch of hype..... but it is a good sounding pedal that can get a lot of high-gain textures, but the stare control is basically just a presence control, and all the rectified tones I have really cared to notice are usually very scooped, such as Dimebag Darrell and such....
Boss MT-2
great for everything, you get many tones, i noticed alot of poeple are saying the DS-1, well the MT-2 can replicate that sound exactly, you can get amazing sounds, just screw around with the knobs to find what you want

Digitech Metal Master
my uncle has this one, not bad at all

alot of my poser buddies have this pedal because they listen to hardcore stuff and death metal, pig squeal stuff, which makes them think this pedal is the way to go, well it's not and sounds like total garbage, you can tell they don't anything about tone

Digitech Distortion Factory
7 distortion pedals in one, it's a little pricier too but not by much, but i do find the pedals they try to replicate don't sound exactly like them and there's alot more feedback than the originals, but its handy because it saves you from buying all of them separate and you can screw around with all of them

Boss Metal Core
Only if you're into hardcore stuff, the heaviest distortion i've heard and used, but there's no mids, so i don't like it

Boss DS-1
Not too too heavy but great for rectified sounds and stuff, if you're more into like Nickelback, Creed, Foo Fighters and stuff all the modern rock. But also great for a lot more, MT-2 can replicate these tones

Zakk Wylde Overdrive
sweet pedal, great tones but you can get the exact same tone with the MT-2, you can get most of the sounds you are looking for with the MT-2most tones
Zoom Tri-Metal. Hard to find, but it's great. Tons of knobs and great tonal possibilities, though I wish it was easier to get a smooth lead tone with it. But it can do any type of metal, no problem.
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If you like smooth sounds, dont get metal muff. Its punchy, but not very buttery if you know what I mean. Try the MT-2, although it doesnt really sound natural.
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personally, id go with a digitech death metal, a metal muff or (wut i have) a line6 uber metal
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Digitech Grunge or Death Metal. They're almost identical except the one has a gain control and the other has a mid control. Scooping out the mids below 12 o'clock results in poop tone. Boosting them beyond 5 o'clock results in buzzy tone. 4 o'clock is neutral.

I used to use my Death Metal pedal for my grindcore project, now I use my Grunge and an EQ pedal. Either way, they're both decent sounding and not very expensive.

Or try a Metal Muff.
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Metal Core- Good, no mids but eh good eq'ing should compensate

IBANEZ SMASHBOX-CHEAP and very good, given almost no credit, it defiantly beat out the etal zone in my opinion and i have owned both.

The third eh, i dunno.
Dime Distortion pedal.

I have this pedal and it is craziest pedal I have ever used but your going to have to get some real cash for that.Warning this pedal is directed to a hardcore shredder like me.
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The boss MT-2 is pretty sweet i gotta say.I got it about a week ago and its great for the music you want to play,check it out.
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I've had amazing luck with the EHX metal muff with top boost. I use to own the rocktron, but I wasn't impressed. It seemed like it did too much. Too noisy and a wierd distortion. The metal muff is perfect for what i play. So, if you want a Death, Iced Earth, or Mastodon level of distortion, i'd go with the Metal Muff all day.
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And you are in this thread because?

Overdriving the **** out of a loud as hell tube amp is the way to go!
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would a metal muff give me a sounds ranging from children of bodom to all that remains and disturbed? or would i b better getting a distortion factory?
Boss Ds-1
"Black Coffee" Metal Distortion, gives a good and heavy sound but you can change it so it sounds like a palm mute, but you don't have to palm mute it.
Boss MD-2
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