Don't take this harshly, it's just constructive criticism. First of all, your tone was bad. It made you lose note clarity and sounded weak. I'm not really experienced with deathcore guitar tones, but it sounds maybe you need to roll the distortion back a tad, add a little bit more mids (even though I know you super metal heads hate them ), and add more highs (maybe to help with clarity). Take that with a grain of salt, though. In any case, try messing around with your knobs. Secondly, the song structure was all over the place. Granted, it will flow better with vocals and drums... just needs more structure. And lastly, are the time signatures in deathcore supposed to jump around like crazy? I had trouble keeping up with your time signatures, unless I'm just going nuts and hearing things. Like I said, bro, just telling you this to help you.

Your technical ability is very nice, though. Your fretting hand was steady and fluid.

Here's mine:

tone was, well meh-ish, but the playing was excellent.

Try messing with the EQ a bit and something with more clarity.