my low E string reaches the bridge and each string has that piece of round thing that attached to the string so for my low e string that one popped out im just asking if that is normal?
Sorry...... What?
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The ball end of the string came out. Replace that string. If they are at all old, replace the entire set.
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Sorry...... What?

you see those bridge pins? it popped out on my low E string.
Just put it back it

You'll probably have to take off the string completely first. Speaking from experience, it's no fun to put on strings that are already all twisted up at the top, so you might want to buy new strings, but you don't really HAVE to.
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I've actually had some horrible experience with my low E's end-pin. Don't let it happen at a show.

Just make sure you cram the thing in there real snug. Could be that you have an ill-fitting pin, but I doubt it.
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